Our perspective on leadership at Knowles Development is that there’s servant leaders and then there’s every other leader out there. The difference between a servant leader and other leaders is integrity. Powerful leaders can be very influential, but if they don’t have integrity, if they don’t put their people and organization first, they are not a truly effective leader, a servant leader.

Servant leaders are what we develop at Knowles Development : leaders in both business and society.

Leadership is powerful, it’s not for everyone.┬áHistory is full of leaders that were either selfish or put themselves first and it is easy to see examples of leadership that are void of the servant’s heart. You can see it in businesses, you can see in the political field, it has wide reaching implications.

When you think about the leader you want to become, about how you want to spend your life, about the impact you want to have on your organization and the people on your team. What type of legacy do you want to leave? If you want to have a really large impact, like we do here at Knowles Development, then put your organization first, your people first, take ownership of it ALL.

When you step into the leadership world, you have to understand that you take on all of the responsibility for outcomes. This doesn’t mean that you’re the only person involved in the business or that you have to do all the work. You’re going to take an ownership of the entire organization. The outcomes of the organization, the performance of the people and team. You’re going to own it. So, start looking in the mirror and just ask yourself, am I willing to own it?

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