Welcome to Leadership

The best leaders rarely succeed on their own. In this course, learn to improve your leadership skills to engage your team and increase productivity.

reel results: gaining followers & turning them into clients

Tired of the same old lead generation tactics that just don’t seem to cut it anymore? Sick of shelling out big bucks for leads that don’t always pan out? Well, if you’re keen to shake things up and want to learn how to reel in business by simply being yourself, then you’re in luck! This course is all about ditching the traditional methods and embracing the power of social media video content.

the pillars of self-discipline

The Pillars scratch the surface of the mental, emotional and behavioral changes required to take control of all areas of your life; break old habits that sabotage your life and business; and establish new, healthy, and effective habits of self-discipline.

Beyond Words: Understanding Communication STyles

Does it sometimes feel like you’re from Mars and your clients are from Venus? That you’re just not speaking the same language? Maybe you feel this way with your teammates, your boss, or even your family and friends. In this course, you’ll learn to understand the personalities of others, as well as your own, which can lead to better communication and increased productivity.



Going from 0 to 60 Transactions

This course will help new and emerging agents focus on the most important things to drive their business and set a sustainable foundation for future growth.

KWU's Six Personal Perspectives

An individual’s mindset holds the key to what he/she can accomplish. Years ago, Gary Keller discovered that high achievers have a similar mindset when it comes to success–the key points encompassed in this course. Learn how these foundational perspectives can help you become a high achiever, reaching the highest level of success in business and in life.

KWU's leverage series

Talent is the most important investment for your business. The Leverage Series is a curriculum of powerful courses designed to empower you to identify, develop and lead your talent bench.

The first course in the series, Career Visioning, provides proven hiring systems to ensure that the best and the brightest – the candidates more likely to succeed in the role – join your team and take your business to the next level.

You’ve selected amazing talent for your team. Now your work truly begins! In the second course, 30-60-90, learn how to systematically lead your new talented team member to thrive in their top 20% using new plug-and-play tools and a simple four-step process.

Once your team member has nailed their 20% over the course of several years, they have earned the chance for a new opportunity. In the final course, Success Through Others, learn how to create a BIG VISION for your organization so that your proven talent can cultivate their vision within your organization.

KWU’s Win Series

This interactive series teaches you the best practices, habits and techniques to help you rise to the top. Series includes: Win With Buyers, Win With Sellers, and Win-Win Negotiations.


This one-day clinic focuses on key business models, designed to help you and your team implement systems to set up your business for the year. Learn how to focus your efforts on the key activities that will make the greatest impact on your income!

Profitability: Agent Financials

You are a real estate agent…and a business owner! Are you looking at your financials through the lens of a business owner? Learn to set up your business so that you keep more of what you make!

Mastering the 3L’s of Real Estate: LEADS, LISTINGS, & LEVERAGE

The 3L’s have been foundational to the real estate industry for the last 20 years, and yet most of us still struggle to implement these basic concepts in our business and our daily life. In this course, we’ll focus on these three key areas of a successful real estate business: LEADS, LISTINGS, and LEVERAGE.

intro to commercial real estate

Commercial Real Estate can be challenging but rewarding. In this course, the student will learn several fundamentals around the practice of Commercial Real Estate Sales and Leasing. This will provide an overview that will enable the student to determine if Commercial Real Estate is a path they wish to pursue in their career.

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